William, it was really nothing

Song of the day, selected randomly from my music collection. What a great way to start Sunday 🙂


Music quiz

What do this song:

this song:

and this song:

have in common?

I seriously doubt that the only person who can really answer that, reads my blog.

KLF is gonna rock ya!

I heard this whilst on the bus this morning.  What a *fantastic* way to wake up!

The Colourfield – Thinking of you

I fell in love with this song for some odd reason in 1985 and I still haven’t gotten over it.

From a movie..

This is one of the best music scenes from a movie… ever!

Valentine – T’pau

I came across this forgotten classic (controversy in itself, but it’s a forgotten song which I think should be a classic) whilst browsing through very old Now That’s What I Call Music cds.  Enjoy!


One of my Madonna-favourites: Borderline from 1983.


Saw this awesome dude, Páll Óskar, perform in front of about 30 teenagers yesterday.  He owned the place, like usual, and here’s some of his magic:

I love how he connects with the kids, lets them approach him afterwards and I even saw him hug a lot of them.  Some very happy teenagers, I bet.

Summer summer summer time

Loving this always!  What a song for a warm summer day 🙂

A sort of homecoming

Lovely lovely lovely

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